Corporate Overview

Chinese Essence Medical Group Limited (the "Company") together with its subsidiaries (collectively the "Group") is one of the high reputation healthcare groups in Hong Kong. The Group was started in 2000, and the group's core business includes Chinese medicine and other related services. With the rapid growth of the Group, its,   which provide favorite Chinese medicine, personal care, health check, hair repair, and Western medicine treatment services.


The Group was founded by the professional medical team, established the first Chinese Essence Medicine Centre with professional Chinese medical services. With the professional training, we have successfully developed into a Chinese medicine based health services group. We appreciate all the support by our patients and to be a one of most popular Chinese medicine Centre.


In Chinese Medicine industry, we have to take in experienced practitioners, physical therapists, fitness structures, to provide a high-level service with modern Chinese medicine management. Since 2015, we invited more experienced Western medicine doctors to join the first Combined Women's Specialist Centre.


To become one of the best Medical groups, we have developed into a comprehensive medical services group, and provide professional services to our patients.



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